Design and production of the interior for the seed library Geen Woorden Maar Zaden for Rotterdamse Oogst.

"In the Geen Woorden Maar Zaden library you're not lending books but seeds. You become a member of the seed library and get some seeds with it. Grow the seeds into strong plants. Let them bloom and harvest the seeds. Swap them for a new species. Together we build a Rotterdam seed collection. "

Furnishings include a counter, a display cabinet, a show table and work table with benches. In the counter, the seeds can be stored in light-tight boxes. The mobile unit has a fine working height and display options. In the display cabinet the collection can be exhibited. The bags with seeds can be clamped with pincers. At the bottom of the cabinet there is room for plants or seed tissues. The tables and counter have a tabletop finished with a light gray paint, so that seeds and plants are clearly visible.